Au-pair in Canada

Aupair must be fluent in English; she must be 18-26 years old (cannot be 27 prior to arrival in the US) and she cannot be married. If she is being placed with a family who has children under 2, she must have 200 documented hours of childcare experience.

She may not obtain additional employment while in the US and must agree to be a congenial part of the family. Aupair must complete an application and pay applicable fees.
  • Aupair must write a "dear host family” letter.
  • Aupair must provide a photo collage
  • Aupair will be subject to and must pass a criminal background check in her country of origin.
  • Verification of high school diploma or equivalency is required by agent in aupair’s country of origin.
  • Must pass a psychometric test.
  • 3 non-family references.
  • Must pass an in-person interview.
  • Au pair must be a non-smoker.
  • Au pair must have a drivers license if driving is required by the family.
  • Au Pair must agree to go to the monthly aupair meetings and attend school.
  • Au pair must complete a 32-hour training program sponsored by agency upon arrival.
  • Au pair must sign a 12-month commitment.
  • As a specialized Au Pair agency, we offer services both to the families and Caregivers, as a perfect fit is our goal.Once you have applied, your application is screened, your references checked and your file completed and presented to different Canadian families. After we find you a family, we assess your compatibility and if it looks like a perfect fit, the family and you will have a correspondence period to get to know each other.
    If you and the family decide that you would like to work together, we can negotiate the contract for you and do the paperwork for the Work Permit.
    Once you are here you may be required to attend a training course, such as First Aid or CPR within the first month following your arrival.
    If you decide to find another contract after a year, we can find you a host family and negotiate another contract for you.

Program Costs

If you want to participate in the program, you will have three basic categories of costs: agency costs, governmental costs and miscellaneous costs.
1. Agency:
We have a system of good faith deposits and customized placement fees according to your experience, country you are from and period of time you want to stay. After receiving your application we'll let you know the amounts in your case. Sometimes you might be required to pay a part of your "good faith deposit" before starting the placement procedure. There is no fee to apply or to assess your application.
2. Governmental:
Application processing fee paid to the Canadian Government (currently this fee is CAD$150.00; however the fee may vary from time to time).
Medical exam fee (approximately CAD$125.00).
Canadian visitor visa fee (if applicable; CAD$75.00 for a single entry visa, or CAD$150.00 for a multiple entry visa). Whether or not you are required to have a visitor visa depends on the country you are from.
3. Miscellaneous:
Medical insurance for the first 3 months (even if it is optional, we highly recommend it). The price is around CAD$328 / 3 months.
Transportation costs - please check with your local travel agents for the best airfare to Canada.
Baggage insurance (even if it is optional, we highly recommend it).l to have a driver's license but not necessary.