Au-pair in China

Au-pair Program

1.-Time arrangements: 25 hours per week, 1.5 days consecutively free, a whole weekend every month, 3 paid days
vacation every 3 months (12 days every year, this doesn’t include non-work days or normal weekends).

2.- Medical Insurance: All au pair participants get a basic health and accident insurance. The provider is Care Med, a well-known European insurance company, which is specialized in the field of travel-insurance and international student exchange. The insurance covers necessary medical and dental treatment up to 50000 Euro and has no deductible.

3.-Money issues: Program Deposit: 250USD, will be returned upon successful completion of the program Stipend: 750 RMB per month.

4.- Extra stipend: Air ticket stipend, paid by the family: 1,250 RMB for 3 month APs, 2,500 RMB for 6 month APs, 5,000 RMB for 12 month APs Stipend will be paid in cash two weeks prior to AP’s departure date, upon successful completion of the program. Chinese language study stipend, paid by family: Free mandarin courses are offered to APs throughout the stay, 8-12 class hours per week, class settings could vary in different placement cities. (Family covers these costs, but if the AP chooses to study independently in a non-HHS-designated language school, the family will cover maximum 500 RMB per month for the course fees).

5.- Other program highlights:
HHS AP Club: All participants will automatically become au pair club members and be invited to tailor made cultural activities and social events organized by HHS, where au pairs can meet each other and new friends.
HHS Post Program Opportunities: HHS offers internship opportunities for those who have completed the au pair program successfully and want to spend more time developing their understanding of various aspects of China.
Program Requirements:
a.- From 8-29 years old.
b.- In good health and physically fit.
c.- At least a hight school graduate.
d.- Speak fluent English.
e.- Have a clear criminal record, and enjoy caring for children.
f.- A Deposit for Special Programm $500.-
g.- Beijing April2, Shenzhen April 16 and Shangai april 30.-
h.- Normal Programm$250.-
Complete Application:
1. Au Pair Application ( 6 pages).
2. Personal Letter ( Dear Host Family Letter).
3. Photo in JPG format.
4. Passport size picture.
5. Childcare reference from one non-family member.
6. Character reference from one non-family member.
7. Physician’s Report Form.
8. Interview report.
9. HHS –AP Agreement.
10. Clear criminal record certification.
11. A copy of passport information page.
12. Education certificate.
13. First Aid/ childcare certificates.
14. Translation Declaration (if applies).
15. Video (self introduction, not a must, but highly recommended).