Au-pair in Denmark, Norway and Schweden:

1) Applicants of 20 years or older (many families prefer applicants between 20-29).
2) Good references, especially references from non-relatives and child related work.
3) Non smokers.
4) Good English speakers or knowledge of a Scandinavian language.
5) Driver’s license.
6) Experience of and willingness to take care of babies and children all ages.
7) Experience with cleaning.

We place au pairs in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. We accept applications for a specific country, but we appreciate applicants being willing to go to any of the three countries if possible.

We place any nationality providing the applicants speak good English or have knowledge of a Scandinavian language. However, if they speak little or no English but are fluent in other relevant languages, such as German or French, we are still likely to be able to place them although it may take a lot longer. Non-smoking applicants with good English and a driver’s license, wanting to take care of children all ages are always in demand. Applicants who are married or have children of their own will not be accepted.

Practical Information:

Driving: You will need an International driver’s licence. If your host family requires you to drive please make sure that you have an international licence before leaving your country.

Holidays: If you stay with the family for six months or longer you will be entitled to a minimum of one week off, but will often have two or more. You will not receive payment during your holiday.

Insurance:The host family is asked to make sure that you are covered by their home insurance. However, we recommend that you take out health insurance as e.g. transportation to your home country will not be covered even once your are covered by local health insurance after thefirst 10weeks of staying in Denmark.

Language classes: Language classes are available in most places. The best place to find out about local classes is the internet or at the local library after your arrival.
Leaving the host family:Your au pair agreement can be terminated with two weeks’notice.

Payment: Denmark min. DKK 2,500 per month, Norway min. NOK 2,700 per month and Sweden min. SEK 3,500 per month. If you are an au pair+ your pocket money will be more. You will, of course, have your own room and you will be entitled to three meals a day also on days off.

Public transport: The public transport system is very efficient in Scandinavia and almost anywhere you will find a local bus to the nearest town. Trains are frequent until quite late. In larger cities you will find frequent bus service during the day and night buses throughout the night.

Residence permit: Depending on where you come from you will have to apply for a visa before you arrive. Please note that it normally takes approx. 8-12weeks for your visa to come through.This does not apply for EU citizens.

Tax: You are liable to pay tax on your earnings and lodgings and

you are responsible for advising the local tax office of your income.

Telephone: The use of telephone must be agreed with the family. Most families accept you using their

telephone for local calls to some extend but will expect you to pay for your long distance calls. Please do not misuse the telephone and make sure you settle any bill promptly!

Time off: You will have at least one full day off per week.

Travelling costs: You will have to pay for your journey to Scandinavia, but if youstay with the host family for more than six months we suggest that the host family pays for the full cost of your return journey, including refunding you the initial travel expenses, when you leave the family providing that you have stayed for the length of time agreed. Please do not expect the host family to pay for your journey unless it is specifically agreed upon. If you leave the family before the agreed time the family is not likely to pay for your journey. If you go home for a holiday (e.g. at Christmas) the family will not pay for your travel costs.

Travelling arrangements: Once you have agreed a date with the host family you make your own travel arrangements. If you have agreed with the family that they refund the cost of the ticket when you leave please make sure that they accept the price of your ticket before you book.