Au Pair in USA

Au pairs must meet the following requirements :

  • Female/male between ages 18-26
  • Graduated from Secondary school or equivalent
  • Be proficient in English
  • Complete standard detail Au Pair application
  • Satisfactorily complete a physician's exam
  • Pass a background investigation, including verification of schooling, criminal background check or equivalent.
  • Provide three verifiable non-family references
  • Provide documented evidence of having over 200 hours of experience with children under the age of two if they are to care for a child under the age of two.
  • Complete a psychometric test / personality profile
  • Provide copies of passport, driver's license, pictures and a personal letter to their potential host family
  • Complete a personal interview with one of our international representatives
  • Sign an Au Pair Agreement warranting that all information is correct.

During their year in the United States (Standard program) :

  • They will receive a minimum weekly stipend of $176.85 USD.
  • They will work no more than 45 hours a week, no more than 10 hours a day, and will do light housekeeping pertaining to the children.
  • They will receive 1½ days off per week, one weekend off per month, and 2 weeks paid vacation during their year.
  • They must complete 6 credit hours of schooling, taking accredited, post-secondary classes since they are here on a J1 visa.
  • The host family will provide up to $500 towards their schooling. If it costs more than $500, the au pair will be responsible to pay for the remainder in order to obtain all 6 credits.
  • The schooling must be done on their own time since their main purpose of coming to the United States is to provide childcare for the family.
  • Each au pair will have one month at the end of their year with the Host Family that they can stay in the US and travel on their own.

Other programs offered : In addition to the Standard program, we also offer the following au pair programs to the au pairs if they would like and are qualified to do so.

Premiere :

  1. The au pair receives a weekly stipend of $255.
  2. Must have at least 2 years of full time, consecutive childcare experience, or a degree in a childcare related field.
  3. Must be age 20 or older.
  4. Must have at least 200 hours of experience with children under age 2.
  5. Must have had driver's license for one year.

Educare :

  1. The au pair receives a weekly stipend of $132.64
  2. The au pair will receive up to $1,000 towards completing 12 credits of education.
  3. The au pair works no more than 30 hours per week, no more than 10 hours a day.
  4. The children must be preschool age (they all must be in school for some portion of the day).

Plus :

  1. The au pair receives a weekly stipend of $215.
  2. The au pair must have been a nanny or an au pair (in another country) before for at least 1 year.

Summer :

  1. The au pair receives a weekly stipend of $176.85.
  2. Program runs from May 15- September 15.
  3. The au pair will receive up to $250 to complete 3 credits of education.
  4. The au pair receives 4 paid days of vacation.

Other than the summer program, we do not have any select dates that the au pairs must arrive. We accept au pairs year round.